Mommy and Me is a wonderful introduction to a preschool atmosphere with the comfort of mommy, daddy, or caretaker present. Mommy and Me offers an environment that will enhance early learning, build socialization skills, and increase confidence and independence. While our program is designed for this purpose, it is important to realize that mom or dad and child will be spending special, joyful times together.

Why Mommy and Me?

Mommy and Me is directed by early childhood educators and taught by warm and loving individuals. Mommy and Me is the initiator of PRE preschool programs, not an imitator. Mommy and Me has been conducting successful programs, at extremely reasonable rates, for many years. While other programs come and go, you can always count on us being there.

Programs include Toddler, 2-3 years, and Separation programs.

Toddler Class:

Age - independent walkers to 2 years of age.
Emphasis is on language and communication, listening skills, and socialization. Class time includes:

Free Play Time: using educational toys, riding toys, toy kitchen and workshop areas, puzzles, Play-Doh, blocks, and much more.
Circle Time: 30 minutes of singing, dancing, puppetry, and musical instruments.
Snack Time & Story: the children sit at the tables and enjoy a snack which we provide followed by and an age appropriate story.
Felt Board & Calendar Time: We count the days of the week, recite the alphabet, nursery rhymes, and talk about the weather.
Arts & Crafts Time: We paint, glue, color, and create beautiful works of art for you to take home and decorate your refrigerator with or place in a scrapbook to remember your time together at Mommy and Me.
Movement to Music Time: classes end with a marching band activity to music.

2-3 Years Old:

These classes are similar to the toddler classes but involve more advanced activities. Songs and dances involve following simple directions that encourages language. Children develop self confidence as they learn to make friends and relate to the teacher.

Separation Class:

This class involves more advanced activities, and emphasis on letter, color, and number recognition. This class is the first step in school independence. In our separation experience, if the child is having difficulty with separating, we require a caregiver to come back, stay and help us get that child comfortable with being left at school. This is not a program where we let the children "cry it out." It is widely successful and a perfect way to bridge the gap for the leap into preschool.