Welcome to the Original Mommy and Me family! After working in this program for over 20 years, Miss Barbara has become the owner of our school since September 2018. She truly believes in our programs and is confident that we will continue to be a school that you will be proud to attend. We look forward to working with old friends and new!

Owner and Director
Barbara Perrone

They say that if you have a job you truly love, you will never have to work a day in your life. This could not resonate more when it comes to The Original Mommy and Me for me. Since February 2001, I have loved every minute of spending time with the children and parents, and now as the owner it is even better. I believe in our programs, I know that so many children thrive because of them. From babies through separation, it's a pleasure watching the children grow. I look forward to walking in the door every day!